the power wheel

Women’s Power Wheel has identified nine arms of power that emanate from the center of every woman, transporting us through life. Our gatherings and circles emphasize and trust these powers.  These arms are very interconnected… and are certainly not the only way to describe women’s power; they are just one way. We believe that when lived fully, these aspects of our being have tremendous capacities to transform and serve life.

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WPW chose a wheel as our primary symbol because it represents the spinning, transporting, and connectedness of women’s power, which is fundamentally cyclical and highly synced with the cycles of nature. These non-linear rhythms are something women can learn to listen to, trust, and work with.

Many of us will identify with one or two wheel arms. Longing might make sense to us, but what is earth wisdom? That’s fine – as we honor these primal powers they will draw us into the center of ourselves. From here, we become more and more aware that one arm of the power wheel contains and reflects the others, and we see how our power is part of something much bigger than ourselves.

This experience of wholeness is amplified when women come together and honor each other. Women’s support of each other is a key piece of our work.

Longing, community, earth wisdom, recognition of life’s sacredness, purification, beauty, nourishment, and creative space – these aspects of women’s nature might not seem special, but many women know they are tremendous forces of sustenance and change. As we value them, they empower us and transform our shared world, reinventing how we all know and live what is most real.