For those who don’t know, it is a paid leave for those women who get pregnant. Perhaps the most important issue here is female prostitution which is actually legalized in some countries. It is pitiful to see women just stand by the streets while waiting for someone to pick them up for sex. It is definitely not the easiest job of them all as they are prone to teenagers making fun of the way they look. 15 years before that, there was the NOW Statement of Purpose which touched on numerous subjects including “double discrimination” faced by women of color. They are humans also and they don’t deserve to be mistreated in any shape or form. Another topic tackled is images of women in social practice and culture. The images are the type that won’t depict them as good looking. It is not just at all and those images need to be taken down in an instant.

One of the best topics discussed here is political participation meaning women can now run in office. There is a long list of political leaders but most of them are men. It is time for women to also have the opportunity to become world leaders and not just posed with a PornPros discount or something.