join the wheel

There are lots of ways to get involved!
1) Particpate in the dream blog. Please read more about why WPW has a dream blog and share your dream.

2) Get inspired through attending a talk or gathering with WPW founder, Hilary Hart. See our “Talks and Events” page.

3) Join a Women’s Circle near you:  Our circles are the heart of WPW and we hope will start popping up around the globe. We’ve developed three specific,  structured meetings that do not just explore or talk about women’s power but put it to use in service to life – Listening to Life, Menstrual Circles, and Round the Wheel.If you are interested in joining a meeting, please refer to the right side of every page and click on “wheel locator” to  find a wheel near you. If you are interested in holding a meeting, please email us.

Listening to Life meetings support women as they deepen their conscious relationship with life. In these meetings, we learn to attune to life as it moves through us – listening for what life is telling us and answering life’s call for greater participation and intimacy.

Listening to Life assumes that women are more connected to life than we think. We are often distracted from life’s messages or hear and see but don’t trust them. In meetings we reflect what we are seeing and hearing, and these messages are received into the group and held with no judgment or rational analysis. The group itself becomes a way for life to relate to itself through the participation of women’s minds, hearts, and bodies. This simple experience helps us deepen our feeling of intimacy and belonging and compels us to honor life’s needs in a partnership of respect and care.

Menstrual Circles are focused on women’s menses and their power to transform and purify – not just a woman on her period, but the group of women, the earth, and life itself.

In Menstrual Circles women (some on their periods and some not)  gather together to uncover and support the power of the menses.  Menstrual Circles reflect our trust that women’s bodies contain great powers to purify and that our consciousness acknowledgment and participation can increase these powers. In a world of so many chemical toxins, psychological and physical disease, we allow our menses to serve this greater need for life’s own purification. At the same time, women are shown how powerful we are and how integral we are within life’s own self-sustaining processes. Stories, dreams and experiences are shared along with specific directions for where to offer our power. In this way, circles provide this unique power with a voice and a vehicle. Here we hold and support the purification process itself – amplifying it through our conscious presence.

In Round the Wheel meetings, participants focus in depth on the nine arms of the power wheel, exploring and activating Longing, Earth Wisdom, Nourishment, Purification, Beauty, Creative Space, Service, Receptivity, and Sacred Community. The activation of these powers helps us in our own lives, and at the same time nourishes life around us.

All meetings emphasize the powers of presence, listening, and women’s unique connection to the body and the body of life.

For more information on structure and format, or to join a circle, please inquire at