Circle Holders

Lynn holds a circle in Columbia, Missouri!



 Carol Cooper lives in Leeds, England. She has been a social worker and is training in energy and body work. She was the first to hold a menstrual circle!


Paola Staeblein and Nina Powell currently held a circle in North Fork, CA, in the Sierra Foothills. Paola is passionate about authentic movement as a practice of mindfulness and deep connection within for self-empowerment. Nina is a lover and student of life and the evolutionary nature of being human, also a daughter, mother, companion, artist, and friend. She loves living, working and communing with her fellow humans in her small but endearing mountain community.


Yolanda Roose, San Rafael

Yolanda (Yonie) Roose, MA, held the San Rafael circle. She is a mother and elementary school teacher living in San Rafael, California. She has been practicing meditation and dreamwork for over 12 years.

Megan McFeely and Ale Warden, looking a bit blurry

 Megan McFeely and Ale Warden held a circle in San Rafael, CA. Megan is interested in experiencing and supporting the awakening feminine consciousness. Ale is a spiritual counselor, educator, writer, public speaker and home-school mom who has traveled a spiritual path for over 35 years. She currently works with individuals and groups on women’s spirituality, self-development, and the “inner marriage.”


Cheryl Strand, Cape Town, South Africa

Cheryl Strand held the circle in Cape Town, South Africa, where she lives with her husband, young son, and two dogs. She practices meditation and dreamwork, and enjoys painting, poetry and walking in nature.


Lisa Doron and Wendy McLaughlin, Pt. Reyes, CA

Wendy McLaughlin and Lisa Doron held the West Marin Women’s Power Wheel. Wendy lives in Olema where she produces a radio program called The Feminine Mystic and enjoys living smack dab on the top of the San Andreas fault.