Women’s Power Wheel uses ceremony, dreamwork, talks and networking to support women as they uncover and live their natural power.

Women’s power does not work in the same way as men’s power, and women’s spiritual roles in our collective evolution are unique. WPW’s activities help women become aware of these important differences and reclaim our power as women. At the heart of these activities are women’s circles, which provide a structured vehicle to amplify our awareness of what is most deep and real. In circle, many women find that our own power is also a force that sustains life. In this way, we discover that who we are is also how we serve, and that what is most authentic to us is also authentic to life itself. Please refer to the “Join the Wheel” section of this site to learn more about these circles.

All WPW events emphasize the very hidden and undervalued powers of listening, longing, creative space, purification, nurturing, earth wisdom and community. We help women  trust  and live these powers in a world that does not value them. As they become more and more activated, these forces within life will contribute to changes in every part of our shared world.

The time is now for women to breathe consciousness into our most natural intelligence. Life is crying for us to be ourselves. At the same time, these cries are our own longing to know and serve what is most real in own hearts and in the heart of life.

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About WPW founder, Hilary Hart. MA

Hilary Hart

Hilary Hart

Hilary Hart teaches and writes about women’s spirituality and the divine feminine. She feels the women’s spirituality and women’s empowerment movements need to take a next step in using – not only exploring or talking about – women’s power. Women’s Power Wheel is one vehicle that helps women learn to trust and work with the natural forces unique to us.

Hilary’s books include The Unknown She and Pearlie of Great Price. She is an adjunct faculty at Antioch University in Seattle. Hilary studied Philosophy at Yale and the University of Colorado, has practiced within both the Tibetan Buddhist and Sufi traditions and has over 10 years experience in dream work. She runs, knits, loves dogs, and enjoys learning how to grow her own food.

For more information about Hilary and her work, see www.hilaryhart.org.