Future of Women’s Rights

Women’s Rights were tackled specifically during the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention with a variety of topics being discussed including whether women had the right to vote. It is a shame how that topic had to be discussed considering how women would just sit there and watch all the men vote and they won’t even have any say in it. It also tackled whether women had any rights to their children after the separation. On this day, women have more rights over their children based onĀ nubilefilmsdiscount.com which is right since they were the ones who gave birth to them in the first place. If you are not a girl then you won’t know how hard it is to give birth. They are also disputing whether women have the right to end the marriage which should not be a topic since both parties have the right to end it and not just one side.


What if the girl is sick and tired of the guy cheating on her like seen on Met Art? Of course, that is another story but it would really be unfair if the guy is allowed to do that on her. Another topic discussed is whether women can be ministers in the church. It is a high position indeed but not a lot of women do it as most of them become nuns. It also discussed whether women had the right to become a doctor or even a lawyer. It is a the dream of many women to become professionals when they grow up and nobody has any right to take away that dream away from them. It also discussed if women can have higher access to higher education. It would be a shame if they don’t because they should not be satisfied with not much of an degree.

Another topic that was discussedĀ is whether women had the right to the income she earned which is strange because why would they not when they worked real hard for it. The next president should really concentrate on making the rights equal for both genders as we are on the way there so hang on.